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The Latest News from the Lions

Mildenhall 60 : Leicester 32

Sunday, August 31st, 2014 | Fixtures, News, Results

The Leicester Lion Cubs lost this afternoon in the National Trophy at Mildenhall by 60 points to 32. The Cubs have one remaining fixture at Kent on Monday 8th September.


Mildenhall Fen Tigers 60: 1. Daniel Halsey 12, 2. Rider Replacement, 3. Connor Coles 9+2, 4. Brendan Johnson 9+2, 5. Danny Ayres 4+1, 6. Jack Kingston 15+2 and 7. Connor Mountain 11+2

Leicester Lion Cubs 32: 1. Ben Morley 14, 2. Dan Greenwood 8+1, 3. Niall Strudwick 0, 4. Rider Replacement, 5. Nathan Greaves 6, 6. Michael Neale 3 and 7. Shaun Tedham 1


Coventry 50 : Leicester 42

Sunday, August 31st, 2014 | Fixtures, News, Results

Leicester went into their two fixtures without their number one, Jason Doyle, who dislocated his shoulder on Friday and in his place the Rapid Solicitors Lions co-opted Joonas Kylmakorpi to guest for the team. In the first meeting at Brandon this afternoon Leicester lost by 50 points to 42.

The Lions forced the Bees into a last heat decider but lost the chance of a bonus point when the home pairing of Chris Harris and Hans Andersen gained maximum points.


Coventry 50 points: 1. Hans Andersen 12+1, 2. Aaron Summers 4+2, 3. Ben Barker 7, 4. Kenneth Hansen 3+1, 5. Chris Harris 9+2, 6. Kyle Newman 10 and 7. James Sarjeant 5+3

Leicester 42 points: 1. Joonas Kylmakorpi 5+1, 2. Simon Stead 11, 3. Mads Korneliussen 8+2, 4. Sam Masters 8, 5. Craig Cook 6+1, 6. Josh Bates 2+1 and 7. Max Clegg 2


Wolverhampton v Leicester Preview

Sunday, August 31st, 2014 | Fixtures, News

Leicester make a quick return to Wolverhampton on Monday, just two weeks after losing at Monmore Green by 56-37 in the first of two Elite League fixtures but go there without Jason Doyle who dislocated a shoulder in Denmark on Friday.

“This is a real blow for both Jason and Leicester because how he is riding it will be difficult to find someone who can ride our track as well as him and it leaves me to find someone to guest for us at Wolverhampton tomorrow.” said the Lions Team Manager, Norrie Allan.

Doyle, who has suffered shoulder damage at various times in his career, was in the act of throwing flowers to the crowd when it happened. Apart from missing the Lions fixtures he has an important date looming in three weeks’ time when he is due to compete in a qualifying meeting of the Grand prix where the top three scorers go through to the competition proper in 2015.

This time around the Wolves will also be without their number one and captain Tai Woffinden who suffered a hand injury whilst riding for his team at Eastbourne and it was still troubling him to the extent that he had to pull out of the Grand Prix meeting in Poland on Saturday. In his place Wolverhampton have booked Rory Schlein to guest for them and Leicester who are also still without Krzysztof Buczkowski have named Sam Masters as his replacement.

With the new averages for September coming into immediate effect, Simon Stead moves from partnering Jason Doyle to occupy the role of heat leader in place of Buczkowski who when he returns will line up as one of the two second strings in the main body of the team. The new figures have also meant that Jacob Thorssell and Peter Karlsson switch places in Wolverhampton’s team for the visit of Leicester.

“We were unlucky to lose Mads Korneliussen in his first race after he fell and injured his right leg at Wolverhampton and that left us a little unbalanced and we never really got going after that. I had initially paired Jason Doyle with Sam Masters as they know how each other ride after their time together at Somerset but of course that plan has now been disrupted. The only positional change with the new averages coming out is that Simon Stead takes over the number five position in the team and deservedly so as he has worked hard to get back to where he was before breaking a leg last year” added Allan.


Wolverhampton: 1. Rory Schlein, 2. Lasse Bjerre, 3. Jacob Thorssell, 4. Peter Karlsson, 5. Piotr Pawlicki, 6. Joe Jacobs and 7. Tom Perry

Leicester: 1. Guest, 2. Sam Masters, 3. Mads Korneliussen, 4. Nicolai Klindt, 5. Simon Stead, 6. Josh Bates and 7. Max Clegg


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